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If this was a real site instead of just a small site and shop demo, then what we would have here is something the shopper would read in the first 6 seconds that would convince them that this is where they want to be. At the same time, we would want to use the keywords and phrases that someone would use in order to find what you are offering.

As long as we are talking about search engine optimization, you'd also want to take care when setting the title tag for your site. Search engines show that in the search results. So, it has to appeal to the person looking down the search results. At the same time, you absolutely need to include in your title the keywords you want to be found for.

What keywords are searched for? Ones that are searched for, and that you can show up for. Showing up for a term like "gifts" would be next to impossible. But showing up for a subcategory like "hand crafted wooden pens" is doable. We have more help info here.

This demo page and site was made with our sitebuilder  (click the link if you want to see it). The sitebuilder does include the option to edit your title tag, description, and keywords meta tags.

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